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Talent Point Network

This special network model for supporting talents is unique in the European Union. To date more than 1000 TalentPoints (member organisations) have joined the movement in Hungary.

The Hungarian talent support programmes introduced a special talent support model that incorporates the scientific findings of network research in its organisational development and operation. The idea of network building comes from network researcher Prof. Péter Csermely. His scientific achievements convinced him that network organizations (cellular networks or the Internet) work much more efficiently than either a hierarchical or a random group of members. This model applies to society, too.

The network, established by the cooperation of talent support organizations and experts, makes the flow, the distribution and use of information efficient. It can convincingly represent the issue of talented people not only to professional-educational fora, but also to economic decision-makers. With all these activities, it effectively promotes the discovery, success and social exploitation of talented youth.

This network model is unique and becomes popular within the EU and all over the world, builds up an intersectional cooperation between the disorganized, simultaneously working talent-supporting initiatives, integrating the similar enterprises of the public sector, the non-profit sector and the private sector. The Program provides a passage between the different (vertical) decision-making and activity levels by relying primarily on local, non-governmental organizations and movement from the bottom up, complemented with the support of the European Union and Hungary in terms of policy approval and funding.


The core elements of this network are the so-called TalentPoints, institutions that have gone through a meticulous professional accreditation system developed in the framework of the Hungarian Genius Programme. TalentPoints function as nodes of the Genius Network. TalentPoints are talent supporting communities that are founded by public institutions of education, the church and/or civil organizations. They join the network voluntarily and are responsible for the following four main tasks:

  • talent identification,
  • talent development,
  • talent counselling,
  • cooperation in the TalentPoint network: learning the best talent supporting practices, exchanging information.

Active TalentPoints have covered the whole Carpathian Basin with a network in several fields of talent support (such as intellectual talents, arts, sports, and craftwork) by now. TalentPoints that were established earlier provide assistance to less experienced members, and encourage the creation of new TalentPoints. The network is expanding continuously and the number of TalentPoints is increasing rapidly. The number of TalentPoints reached more than 1000 by the end of 2013.

Talent Map

In order to provide information to all those interested in talent support opportunities ( talented young people, parents, and teachers), we have created an interactive map of Talent Support institutions. The aim of creating the map is to help them find the most appropriate member institution of the network that meets the special needs of gifted children within easy reach of their homes or schools. The map is complete with a database of all institutions, where users are offered to research by target group or geographical location, as well as fields or domains of talent.