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The National Talent Support Council

The Council was created by the Hungarian non-governmental institutions. Its mission among others to help its member organizations to communicate with each other and with the general public, and inititate and maintain the continuous exchange of information between them and the government.

The National Talent Support Council establishes the database of organizations and initiatives dealing with the recognition, selection and support for gifted young people in Hungary and across the borders. During these activities, Council allows new members to join, explores the age, profession and gift-specific layers and characteristics of the Initiatives and maps the passages between the Initiatives.

The Council initiates and promotes to organize regional Talent Days all over Hungary and across the borders. On the Talent Days, the regional and local Initiatives can present themselves and meet the teachers, young people and parents who are interested in supporting gifted people. For the Giftedness Days, Council invites the Initiatives from the other side of the border, which are close to the given region. The sites of Giftedness Days can be completed with other sites in Hungary and across the border if necessary and on demand.

The Council collects the data of those interested in the Initiatives, and creates for them an electronic mailing list that is continuously maintained. Council pays special attention to the talented people who have excelled in different competitions, and recommends them to the attention of the Initiatives that best fit to their gifts.

The Council supports and promotes the establishment of regional, micro-regional, local and institutional Talent Points to present Initiatives and support gifted young people, and assists to make them into a network of Talent Points.

The Council promotes expanding and developing foreign contacts of the Initiatives. Council pays special attention to the reinforcement of the EU contacts as well as the cooperation of Initiatives among the regions and in the Carpathian Basin.

The Council collects and studies the best practices of supporting gifted people in Hungary and abroad along with the related literature. Based on these activities, Council makes a classified recommendation, discussing and explaining the points of developing the support for gifted people. During this work Council especially considers the following areas:

  • educational forms of recognizing, selecting and supporting gifted young people in the education of kindergarten, elementary and secondary school teachers;
  • the best practices of recognizing gifted youth ("gift fishing", "pearl fishing");
  • ways to select and support gifted people locally (in the micro-region or in the town) and make them into a network;
  • supporting the activities of elementary and secondary school teachers helping gifted youth;
  • ways to support gifted students in higher education;
  • ways to support career-starting young people;
  • bringing Hungarian young people back home who work in developed countries and chances to provide them with independent activities;

The Council uses its resources (coming from donations and budgetary subsidies) to invite tenders for supporting developments and programs for the most outstanding gifted people in Hungary and across the border, spreading their experiences, especially supporting gifted young women, establishing and spreading initiatives aiming at supporting gifted people's relationships (network), their social adaptation, self-organization and improving their innovative, managerial and leading skills, as well as self-controlling and self-developing.