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The National Talent Point

The National Talent Point

The chief role of the National Talent Point (NTP) is to sustain and expand the results of the Hungarian talent support projects, that is, first and foremost, the “TalentPoint Network”; to maintain and develop the “Talent Map”, a map of best talent support practices; and to manage the National Talent Support Database.

TalentPoints are talent-supporting initiatives, most of them associated with educational institutions, which are bound together in a network integrating these simultaneously working initiatives, establishing an efficient cooperation, while retaining the non-centralized aspect thereof.

Talent Support Councils
Beside TalentPoints, Talent Support Councils also form a crucial component of the Hungarian Talent Network. These are public bodies with a regional interest, which preserve professional standards and coordinate talent support activities in their respective regions. The NTP assisted the establishment and the professional support for the functioning of these councils by involving experts and subsidizing the expenses of expert meetings and visits.

Talent Map
In addition to expanding the TalentPoint network, the NTP was responsible for the maintenance and development of existing databases of talent support, and in particular, the Talent Map of talent support in the Carpathian Basin, an initiative unparalleled even at EU level. Publications

Communication and networking
The National Talent Point maintains a vast communicational infrastructure, a key channel of which is the website which today has around 10,000 visitors monthly, supplemented by an intensive media presence and a phone-based customer service. As part of NTP's communication services, TalentPoints are informed of relevant calls for proposals on several occasions, and constant informational and professional support are also given to institutions and organizations on applying to specific calls for proposals.

The NTP thus managed to reach a truly wide audience to disseminate talent support news and ideas, and was also instrumental in both aiding and initiating diverse talent support initiatives, events and organizations throughout the duration of the project.