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Talent Support Councils

Talent Support Councils are local or regional organisations created to help the identification, development and utilisation of talents and the widening of the necessary resources based on wide professional and social cooperation. Their activities also aim the formation of a talent-friendly society. 
Achievements expected from the Talent Support Councils
  • The professionals of talent support may work in a predictable and more and more supporting environment. 
  • New possibilities open to receive support from the resources of the National Talent Fund
  • Based on local and regional cooperation the organisational framework will be more transparent. New programs are faster to start in new areas.  
  • More simple ways to direct talents to adequate programmes, and to find mentors for them.
  • Making the career tracking of talents easier, decreasing talent-loss. 
  • Increasing the chance of talents to being involved in economic activities and the utilisation of their abilities. 
  • Contribution to the organisation of local or regional communities of talented youth. 
  • New possibilities for cooperation between the actors of business and the society, for the creation of a talent-friendly society.